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Top health industry trends and issues

2017 brought about many changes and radical turns, some would say. The United States entered a new era when Donald Trump was elected to become President. Health care industry felt this change and has to adapt to new times, again. Many years were spent adapting to the Affordable Care Act, which now may turn around completely. We still haven’t witnessed any serious events which would destabilize the health industry, but this does not mean we should not prepare for them. We will tell you a bit more about the most challenges we believe the health industry will face in 2017.


Many new emerging technologies are just around the corner; we will have to find ways to introduce them to wider audiences.New technologies are worthless if we can’t reach the people who need them. Also, one of the areas where the invention is needed the most is the fight against infectious diseases. Bacteria and viruses are ancient enemies, but we need new weapons to fight them. Finally, one of the big topics in the health industry is certainly nutrition, because it leads to a healthier population. How we secure healthier nutrition is possibly the biggest challenge we’re facing.

Building on value

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest businesses in the world, and it can dictate the market quite significantly. It is important for governments to put the brakes on rising drug prices. Furthermore, the authorities should also oversee the large partnerships and collaborations which will or have happened during this year. Another important aspect of working for the future of the health industry are the people who will lead: the students. We need to prepare them for their careers in the value-oriented economies.


Portrait of a doctor with two of her co-workers talking with a patient in the background

Constant adaptation

Patients have to be in focus, and the health industry needs to find ways to adapt to the needs of the public quickly. If we cannot understand and formulate what the public expects from the pharmaceutical companies, we cannot have good products. Adaptation is necessary. Health organizations need to work more effectively to secure a healthier world.