Our Bombs


A film in production by Neil Halloran

Air Strike Tracker

Chronicles every reported U.S. air strike involving civilians since 9/11/2001. Featuring videos and interactive research tools.

Survivor Stories

Photographs and stories of individuals who lost limbs or family members in result of US air attacks. Photography by Jason Howe.

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OurBombs.com: SXSW Web Awards Finalist!

We are thrilled to announce that OurBombs.com has been selected as a finalist at the ...

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Join the Debate: Scope of the Tracker

We are planning to make a few changes to the presentation of the Air Strike Tracker, and we wanted to allow friends ...

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Aerial Firefighting and Media Coverage

NPR's On The Media did an interesting piece on the use of aerial firefighting an...

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Blogging, Tweeting, and 2 New Team Members!

The Our Bombs website is about to kick into a new gear. We are pleased to announce two new team members. O...

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Our Bombs is a website and documentary film that looks at the human cost and strategic implications of U.S. air strikes. The film takes a unconventional look at the psychology behind military decision making, questioning how the technology and distance of aerial warfare affect our ethical and strategic judgements. The aim of the project is not to broadly condemn bombing, but to facilitate a better understanding of America's preferred form of military action.

Our Bombs is created by Neil Halloran and his independent film and web company, Climbing Tree Productions. Please submit your email below for updates, such as when the documentary is released.

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